Friday 8 January 2016

Time to step forward in the testing community

Has anyone else noticed the recent spike in calls for volunteers and helpers from across the international testing community?

I know that these requests are partly driven by existing volunteers realising that they are overloaded by the volume of work that they've committed themselves to. But I also believe they are a sign that the testing community is growing.

It feels like there are more people attending testing conferences, registering for testing training courses, watching online testing webinars, and reading testing articles. Perhaps, in part, because the people who consume testing material are not just testers.

By comparison, there are relatively few people creating and facilitating the delivery of this content. As someone who participates in the community as a speakereditormentor and organiser, I'd like to encourage you to join these ranks. It's extremely rewarding.

Think about roles you fill in the community now and what you'd like to do next. Could you write an article, submit a proposal to speak at a conference, assist the organisers at your local testing Meet Up, review articles for a magazine, act as a mentor to encourage others, or volunteer your time to one of the initiatives above?

What will you achieve in the community this year? 

A model of the testing community

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  1. Thanks - The model is a nice way to represent it - but to Me it looks a bit opposite quantity wise,
    Lots of inexperienced people come from outside (actually most of these are not even readers which may need another outer circle - as we need to consider how to drag them in) than readers, than much lower amount of active people, and in the core some Writers/Philosophers and active Speakers.
    @halperinko - Kobi Halperin