Thursday 4 September 2014

Ten things to read after Agile NZ

I've just spent a great two days at Agile NZ. There were plenty of great speakers who gave me a lot to ponder. Here's a collection of ten articles that reflect the stories, tools, and ideas that I will take away from the conference.

Note that although I've referenced the speaker who introduced me to the material, in most cases they didn't specifically endorse the articles that I have linked to.

The US B-2 bomber crash in Guam [3 minute read]
A cautionary tale of edge case system use and communication failure.
Speaker: Gojko Adzic

Single-Loop and Double-Loop Learning Model [3 minute read]
An explanation of the two ways that we can learn from our experiences.
Speaker: Steph Cooper

The Ladder of Inference [10 minute read]
Examines how we reach conclusions, can be used to improve communication.
Speaker: Steph Cooper

Shifting from unilateral control to mutual learning [20 minute read]
Explains the characteristics of two mental models; unilateral control and mutual learning.
Speaker: Steph Cooper

Shu-Ha-Ri [3 minute read]
A way of thinking about learning techniques.
Speaker: Craig McCormick

Visual Test Modelling [10 minute read]
An examination of how to approach the creation and evolution of a Visual Test Model.
Speakers: Adam Howard & Joanna Yip

OODA Loop [10 minute read]
The process that defines how humans react to stimulus; observe, orient, decide, act.
Speaker: Bruce Keightley

The Palchinsky Principles [3 minute read]
Three principles for innovation.
Speaker: Gojko Adzic

Digital by Default Service Standard [10 minute read]
A set of criteria for digital teams building UK government services.
Speaker: Ben Hayman

6 Days to Air [3 minute read | 40 minute watch]
Learn about the six-day production schedule for writing, recording, and animating a South Park episode.
Speaker: Ben Ross

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