Wednesday 8 January 2014

Bold Goals

I was asked some very good questions at work today. They were the kind of questions that really got my brain going. I thought I would share them here in case they activate thinking for anyone else.

What is your bold goal for 2014? 

Not one of the goals you trot out with ease when prompted, but rather the one that feels like a stretch. Something daring and brave; the thing that you don't really want to voice because there's a risk you won't achieve it. Share it with someone you trust to change it from a dream to a possibility.

What is your biggest challenge for 2014? 

When I think about my challenges, I often focus on my frustrations. Paying so much attention to noise can be counter-productive. What's your biggest challenge? Identify it, then focus your fight on the general and not his soldiers.

What's your first action to make 2014 what you want it to be?

Trite but true, a journey starting with a single step. You know where you want to go and you've identified the biggest thing standing in your way. What's the first thing you need to do? Make it a priority. Steadfastly completing the pieces can turn our boldest and biggest in to everyday.

Three simple questions that gave shape and direction to my year.

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