Thursday 4 January 2018

30 articles for tech leaders written by women

When I was first promoted to a leadership role in tech, I looked for leadership resources that were written by women with advice targeted to a tech environment.

It took some time to discover these articles, which resonated with me and have each contributed to my leadership style in some way. They are written by a variety of women in the US, UK, Europe and New Zealand, many have ties to the software testing community.

This list includes several themes: leadership, communication, learning, inclusion, and recruitment. I would love your recommendations for other articles that could be added.

Why we should care about doing better - Lynne Cazaly
Follow the leader - Marlena Compton
Dealing with surprising human emotions: desk moves - Lara Hogan
You follow the leader because you want to - Kinga Witko
Entering Groups - Esther Derby
Agile Managers: The Essence of Leadership - Johanna Rothman
Recovering from a toxic job - Nat Dudley
Yes, and... - Liz Keogh
Ask vs. Guess cultures - Katherine Wu
"I just can't get her to engage!" - Gnarly Retrospective Problems - Corinna Baldauf
Eight reasons why no one's listening to you - Amy Phillips
Don't argue with sleepwalkers - Fiona Charles
What learning to knit has reminded me about learning - Emily Webber
Effective learning strategies for programmers - Allison Kaptur
Five models for making sense of complex systems - Christina Wodtke
The comfort zone - Christina Ohanian
WTF are you doing? Tell your teams! - Cassandra Leung
We don't do that here - Aja Hammerly
Here's how to wield empathy and data to build an inclusive team - Ciara Trinidad
Tracking compensation and promotion inequity - Lara Hogan
The other side of diversity - Erica Joy
Hiring isn't enough - Catt Small
'Ladies' is gender neutral - Alice Goldfuss
Where does white privilege show up? - Kirstin Hull
Better hiring with less bias - Trish Khoo
1000 different people, the same words - Kieran Snyder
Why do women try to get ahead by pulling men down? - Missy Titus


  1. Awesome work Katrina as always. This is great list of must read articles.
    Thanks for a lovely food for thoughts :)

  2. Thank you for the share! I started read some of them and they highlighted my day! This is a great way to start 2018!